Diane Tucker

Diane is the owner of Main Street Yoga Studio.  She began her yoga practice in Dallas, Texas, in the early 1990’s. What began as an evening workshop offered by a local community college soon turned into a passion for the mind + body connection that a yoga practice allows. Diane was a student of and eventually trained in Hatha-style yoga under the instruction of Ranjana Pallana, Dallas’ first yoga instructor, and was a student teacher at Ranjana’s Bodyworks prior to moving to Rockport in 1996.
Eager to continue her yoga practice but unable to find a studio in the area, Diane began teaching at Warm Springs Rehabilitation Center, formerly located at the current Rockport Fitness Center location. In the summer of 2000, after her second child was born, she decided to take some time off to just be a “Mom”. But the yoga bug returned in 2002, and Diane opened The Yoga Center on Market Street where she taught for the next 5 years. In 2007, she retired from teaching again in order to work full-time and devote more time to her family.
Diane opened Main Street Yoga Studio in June, 2012. Shortly after celebrating it's 5 year anniversary, The Studio and most of Rockport were severely damaged by Hurricane Harvey which made landfall in Rockport on August 25, 2017.  After just 4 short months and extensive repairs to the roof, siding, windows, dry wall and floor, Main Street Yoga Studio reopened on January 1, 2018.
Diane is blessed to have an amazing family of  fellow instructors and therapists, and many loyal friends and students who have supported the Studio since its reopening.  
"We are not what happens to us, rather what we choose to become because of it." - 
Carl Gustav Jung

Kimmi Moake

Kimmi has been teaching Hatha Yoga in Rockport and surrounding areas since January of 2009. Her classes are heart-centered, with slower, concentrated movement. She’ll keep you on your toes with differing themes
and lots of fun in her classes!

Debra Druse

Debra was a teacher of tap, jazz and ballet for 30 plus years and was the owner/instructor of Footwork Dance Studio here in Rockport from 1983-2004.  From 2004-2014 she taught dance overseas to dependents of military families on bases in Sicily, Germany, Okinawa and South Korea, learning new cultures and soaking up all forms of movement in her travels from local dance forms.  Because of her joy of movement, Debra was especially drawn to Pilates for the dance and body/mind connection and paved the path for her to continue teaching.  Pilates is suitable for people of all ages, levels of fitness, and skill levels. It cultivates mindful movement, core strengthening and just feels good.