Classes  Offered



Offered at a slower pace, this class focuses on the fundamentals of yoga. This is a perfect class for those who have never practiced yoga, and those who want a very gentle class. You will be introduced to basic asanas (postures), pranayma (breath) and yoga terminology. This class will prepare the student for a more challenging class, or will provide a gentle class on a continuing basis. This class is offered to all persons regardless of limitations.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is sometimes called a “dual” type of yoga because it includes a duality between two opposites: the sun (in Sanskrit, “Ha”) and the moon (“tha”). The main established principle for Hatha Yoga leads to specific structured poses that help with body and mind “purification” through principles like asana (postures) and pranayama (subtle energy control).

Hatha Flow

Hatha Flow allows you to move from one posture to another in a continuous, flowing sequence, linked together by breath. More physically demanding than a Hatha class, Flow helps improve your strength, flexibility, and stamina.


Pilates emphasizes mindful movement and quality over quantity. In these mat classes we will use many props to help you master the movements to develop your core from the inside out. You will learn to connect your movements with your breath as well as awareness of which movements serve your body and which do not. We will also incorporate Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching into our Pilates classes – you will learn to stretch stronger and gain length with your strength! All levels welcome.
Power Pilates
A 30-minute, fast paced Pilates floor workout designed to get your heart rate up and tone your core muscles, all while paying close attention to posture, breathe and proper movement.  A great way tostart your day!
Contemporary Pilates
Fusing contemporary Pilates and Barre methods, this fast-paced, athletic class is designed to increase strength, flexibility and balance through controlled movements that challenge every muscle of your body - all while focusing on proper form, alignment and breathing in order to achieve peak performance, maximum results and an evenly balanced musculature.  This class is recommended for intermediate to advanced clients, without major injuries or limitations.

Stiff Guys Stretch

This is a 30 minute stretch class designed for MEN only who need a little more flexibility in their body. It will incorporate standing, kneeling, and at the barre stretches. The guided class will stretch every body part using movement, props and your breath to find better flexibility in even the most challenged athlete (and former athlete). So whether your goal is to enhance your golf swing, throw your line a little farther, or just make it easier to get out of bed, check your ego at the door and lets stretch!

Restorative Yoga

Join us as we glide into peaceful, supported poses designed to allow your body to relax while incorporating a gentle stretch.

Intro into Yoga

30 min private session. A tour of the studio, an introduction to the mat, how to use props, yoga terminology and what to expect in your first Yoga class. You will be guided through a short yoga session and shown some modifications for some common yoga postures. This Introduction to Yoga will eliminate any anxiety and make you comfortable enough to join any class that we offer at the studio. This session is recommended to anyone who has always wanted to try Yoga but wasn't sure that they could participate in a class setting. 

Personal Training

Working one on one or in a semi private setting, regardless of age or physical limitations, you will be motivated by setting goals, and educated on the best way to achieve those goals. Personal Training is also the perfect way to continue your post physical therapy treatment.